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What are The Emoji Movie Games?

The Emoji Movie Games is one of the best categories appeared on our site where you have to do your best to make sure that you will complete each challenges successfully. You need the mouse in most of the emoji games to complete your tasks but if you need other buttons we will tell you what you need. Each game from The Emoji Movie Games category has a description where you can find all the rules, where we will tell you what you have to do to complete your goal, what you need to use to play and so on many others. We are here for you in The Emoji Movie Games category and we are going to help you complete your goal. There is another interesting character with you, he is called Gene, and he is the main character from The Emoji Movie. I am going to bring you all sort of interesting games in this category so try them all if you want to complete your goal. Let us know what do you think about The Emoji Movie and we are going to bring you more if you like them. Let me tell you a few things about the movie and then I will present you what kind of challenges you can find in The Emoji Movie Games category. In the movie you will find about an interesting world called Textopolis where the emojis are living. They are used by users and ranked according to how much they are used. The main character from the movie is Gene, an interesting emoji who can have more than once face. His parents, two meh emojis, tell him that she should not go to work because he will get in trouble. He wants to be useful so he goes at work in Alex`s phone. One day the kid sends a text to her crush and he selects Gene as an emoji but our hero panics and he changes her face in a confusing one. This thing makes Addie, the crush, ignore Alex. Gene has a lot of problems now because Alex thinks his phone is broken so Gene is taken at Smiler, a smiley emoji who is the leader of the emojis. He wants to delete Gene and our hero runs away. He is chased by some bots sent by Smiler to capture him, to bring him back where he will be deleted because he is a malfunction. Gene is rescued by HI-5, an emoji who used to be popular. He is going to help Gene find a hacker called Jalibreak, who is going to repair him. After they find the hacker they find out that they have to go in the Cloud, where Gene can be fixed. They have a lot of adventures running from the bots sent by Smiler, they visit games like Candy Crush, Just Dance and so on many others. They have to escape and find the Cloud in order to survive. Gene finds out that Jalibreak is a princess and he falls in love with her. A lot of challenges are waiting for you in this new category appeared on our site, try them all to find the one you like the most. You are going to get a coloring game, a memory games, a puzzle game, a hidden objects game and so on many others. In most of the games you have to do your best to get a big score if you want the chance to reach the podium where are only the best of the best. A g plus can help us promoting this amazing emoji games category for all the kids who love the movie, for all the girls and the boys who want new challenges. You are going to obtain a big score in most of the games if you complete your goal fast. In the puzzle game you need the mouse to swap the pieces. In the memory game you need it to turn the cards two by two in order to find the pairs. In the hidden objects game you need it to click on the objects when you spot them in the image. In that coloring game you have in the left the colors you need, a big list. If you make mistakes you can erase them using the eraser from the right side of the screen. Be careful at the details and be patient if you want to complete your goal successfully.