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What are The Proud Family Games?

The main character in this serial is Penny Proud, a girl of 14 years who is very brave and intelligent. Penny has many qualities because she can sing, is on the football team and a team from the school newspaper, and is very good at school, a student in grade ten. Penny is brave and manages to save the world, thus demonstrating that his father is a big girl and knows how to take care of her. Her father does not trust her and does not think he can handle her, so he sometimes puts her in embarrassing situations in front of his friends. Penny loves his parents and respects them because they are always near her when she needs help. Oscar is the father of Penny, who is overprotective, sometimes childlike, and hyperactive. Trudy is his mother, Penny, a brilliant woman who works as a veterinarian. Penny has a younger brother named Bebe and CeCe's little sister. In games with The Proud Family category, you will find games that will test your qualities such as skill, agility, creativity, or a sense of adventure.