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What are Throw Like Mo Games?

When you think about Disney Channel Original Movies, you don’t really think about documentaries and stories that are inspired by real-life, since they are usually situated more on the campy side, and are more about fun than inspiring people, although they manage to do it. But, you will now get all these elements through the Throw Like Mo Games online you’re about to play on our website for free!

The story of M'one Davis, as told by Disney!

Unfortunately, we have to start off by saying that while this movie was in development since 2015, and was supposed to appear in 2016, there were behind the scenes problems and development issues that made so that the movie never got released. Still, our team was on the case and we already had created this series here, and even brought games into it, so we still care about this page!

Even though the movie never saw the light of day, the real-life story of this brave and talented girl is still one that needs to be told, and if we can help you discover her through our website, even better! We will now tell you more about the girl, as well as what her movie was going to be about,  and when you also learn what kinds of Disney Channel Games you have on this page, you will be even more interested!

M'one Davis, at the time a 13-year-old black girl, made history when she became the first girl to have ever pitched at the opening game of the Little League World Series in August of 2014, and she even pitched a shutout, which is not a simple shot to make, that’s for sure! The story of how that came about, and Mo’s life before that was going to be depicted in this movie.

While you can’t watch the movie, as we said previously, you can play games with M’one Davis online on our website, and while they are few, they are awesome and fun, and we’re sure they won’t disappoint you in the least!

Because at the time we created this page in expectation of the movie, the only clue we had about the biographical experience was that it was going to feature shots from that celebrated baseball match, we now can offer you an awesome puzzle mania game online where you can see images from that historical event, and solve the puzzles featuring them, making you smarter while you have fun!

Baseball is a boy’s game, primarily, so stories about women of color succeeding in this area from a young age is something that has inspired us, and we hope that by playing the simple games on this page you are going to be also inspired, be entertained, and if you love the experience you have on this page, you will love any of our other categories!

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