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What are Toon Marty Games?

Here on, we want you to have a great time playing our games with the most popular characters, and that means that we are bringing a lot of new games categories every day of the week! Today, we are bringing for you dear children a new online games category called Toon Marty. You can see that this is going to be a new funny category with cute characters that are ready to play with you a lot of puzzle games, coloring games, adventure games, abiltiy games and dress up games with girls and boys. The Toon Marty games category is appearing here on our website because it's a very popular TV show and Cartoon for childre in Canada, where all the kids are loving the Toon Marty show and that means that we are going to bring funny games right here on our website, in which you can play with Toon Marty the funniest and the most interesting challenges and adventures. The story of Toon Marty is very interesting, because he didn't start the show as being a real boy, and you can see that he has started to be alive because a thunder and a lighting has struck in a bilboard from the ToonMart supermarket. After the lighting struck the ad, Toon Marty has turned alive, and you can see in her cartoon that he was very lost and didn't knew what to do, because he wasn't raised like an ordinary 5 year old boy. The entire story if Toon marty is starring Toon Marty, the little boy who is now alive, and the action takes place in Toonville. You can see that Toon Marty is not going to be completly alone, because his friend Burnie is going to be by his side along all the actions and adventures that you can find from today on here in Toon Marty is going to live in the supermarket that gave him life, and that means that Jack, the superviser from the ToonMart is going to be like his family, and he is going to try to keep Toon Marty on track and out of trouble. Because he is just a little boy, Toon Marty is going to try many new things for him, and that means that you will have a lot of funny games to play with this new character here on our website. There are going to be a lot of characters in this new games category here on our website, and you can see that Holly and Jack are going to be side hcaracters like Burnie in the Toon Marty games category. Holly is going to be a blue robot that also lives in the supermarket, and you dear friends will have to escape the supermarket without Jack, Marty's boss to see and finish all your adventures and challenges. Toon Marty, Holly, Jack and Burnie are going to try and bring funny adventures, new boys challenges, skateboard tricks and many puzzles to solve, pictures to colour and new dress up games forgirls here on our website, so you can see that our new Toon Marty games category is not going to be only for boys or girls, and that means that all the girls and boys can have fun together in our latest Toon Marty games category. Now that you know the story of Toon Marty, we are sure that you will have a great time with the latest character and games category challenges here on, and we are sure that many other interesting games categories with new characters are going to appear for you to try! Have fun!