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What are Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion Games?

Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion is the newest Disney Channel series to make its premiere on this beloved worldwide channel of live-action series and cartoons for kids and teens, and you can bet that we were the first ones to share with you games with Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion to play online free of charge on the internet since we always want to provide you with the newest games that YOU want to play, so when a new show premieres, you can immediately come over here to have fun with your new favorite characters, directly!

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Violet is a 13-year-old Latina girl who one day discovered a luchador maks, but not a regular one, but one that has magic powers, and it has chosen the girl as its new bearer so that she will become a new superhero, and the successor to the previous wearer of her mask, who is none other than her uncle, Cruz de la Vega.

In addition to dealing with her normal life as a teenager, Violet begins training in secret with her uncle to hone the skills and abilities of this mask, and grow up not only towards a better version of herself but to become a full-fledged superhero. Her uncle will learn just as much from his niece, as Generation Z kids have a brand new set of ideas and rules for saving the world.

Juggling two lives can't be easy for a teenager, but together with her friends, family, and mentor, she will transpire all trials and tribulations, and we are here to cheer her on, and, in the case of playing games such as Supersonic Sprint, the first game in the category, we will train together with her and maybe learn a few things ourselves, should we not?

Let's begin the training and all the fun right away, as only here is possible, and we hope to see you keep playing even more of our Disney Channel Games online since you can see we have the best and freshest ones!