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What are Upin and Ipin Games?

Upin and Ipin Games is another great game category that you definitely have to try it on our site and mange to believe in us no matter what because of the most interesting stuff that you are about to show us all around. Figure out something that is going to change you in the best matter of possibility because that is what it would be doing. Prepare a lot because everything around here would definitely challenge you and all the characters as well. Well, it has come the time when we would tell you a lot more about our super cool game category. Upin and Ipin, our main characters are just 5 years old who live in the Malay with their elder sister Ros and the best grandmother ever called Uda. They unfortunately lost their parents while their were really young so that is how they would be supposed to live after that, but they are not sad at all. They try to manage day after day not thinking at their trangic parents accident. They study in town and like it a lot. Over the class they have a lot of friends and weird ones as well. There is going to be a joker, a clumsy one and a right-thinking defined one, along with others. There is going to be a great man as the headman of the school called Tok Dalang, or who we like to say the champion. He is known for his trees. He really enjoys his trees and makes commerce with them all day long. We are going to meet Muhu as well, he has a food stall and everyone ejoys to eat there, because probably the food is good, or because he is the only one who sels food. Salleh is the one who owns the town library where all the children or adult come to study. Susanti is one new character that we are sure you would like to meet, he moved to the family recently and everyone was talking about her because she is indonesian. We are going to tell you more about our super cool characters from now on. We have Upin, who is the elder twin brother only by 5 minutes from Ipin. He likes to be the one that solves the thinking part, a real mastermind with all the things that he can do with his mind. He is really protective to Ipin and they try to have a lof of fun from once in a while. Ipin is the more fun one. He likes to get into trouble because he cannot just stand at one place without doing something cheerful or dangerous. Ros is the big sister and he really loves her brothers, despite the fact that everyone thinks she is quite evil. It is not like that but you are going to have the chance to meet her. She often makes fun or teases the two twin brothers but it is just from love, neve anything serious. Oprah, teh grandmother likes to spoil the two brothers and they really love her. Everybody actually likes the grandmother because of her gentle soul. Mei Mei is a great girl from school that gets into the children's adventures because they like her. She is a great student and that is why everyone considers her the teacher's pet. Her coleagues like her because she does not mind telling the teacher what is the problem ,so that is why they believe she is the voice of the class. Fizi is another character from the serie and he enjoys to follow everyone where they go, that is why he is not really nice taken by the others. Show us that you are going to be capable of believing in everything around here. We are sure that you could have a great time playing all of the games in this great category. Try them all and do not disappoint us at all because we count it on you. Go ahead.