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What are Violetta Games?

Because we know for sure that many of you are true fans of the Disney Channel series Violetta we decided together to offer the newest and also the most beautiful games with Violetta so that together we can know it as well as Violetta and her good friends you already know definitely very interesting and delicious adventures that you watched even on Disney. Well, in this description of Violetta we will try to offer you as many particular details about this super star girl and her colleagues, her family so they definitely know when you play with her some kind of character games are positive or negative. Well at first we want to mention that the so-called cartoon characters these are slightly different and they differ in that the protagonists give name are not often true in reality, as in the case Violetta name is its actual Martina Stoessel. Herman Castillo is a 22-year-old, it is light and always trying to be in addition to the main characters of the design, often succeeding to dispose completely smooth all the characters around them, also occupying the lead role of his father Violetta, this is a real businessman, having more business and managed to reach the pinnacle of success. Tomas Heredia a very nice guy trying to play both piano and guitar, the songs that he tries to give all and fans or reflect its true personality and your friends, the gang that has always related in concert in concert. Leon, another guy at Studio 21 which has a great charisma and he was full of himself, arrogant and always with the best replicas prepared so as to take by surprise all who are around him. Ludmilla Ferro is one of the trendiest characters in this drawing, as you will see in games with Violetta, but you have to mention is that Ludmilla comes from a wealthy family, a family that succeeded in the from achieving the heights of success and also to benefit from the most expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, concerts, music and mobile. Cauviglia Francesca was born in Italy, but managed to get to Studio 21 with parents, but its another advantage is that with his skills, intelligence, selflessness, fair and logical thinking to become a great pillar in meaning family activity. In each game you will be proud to Violetta meet including Camila Torres, Maximiliano Maxi Ponte, Natalia Naty Vidal, Andres and Luca Cauviglia. Well, in general these are the main characters that you will meet Violetta in games that we want to provide it to you for free, without charge any bin for them. You'll be able to play with friends various free Violetta games so 2 people and yourself.