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What are Waitress Games?

Waitress Games is one of the most interesting categories of serving games on Play-Games.com, in which you will have the chance to perfect yourself in a field of restaurants where service and kindness must be at the forefront. We will try to add in the new category games with waitresses who serve food, drink in different places, from hotels, restaurants, to serving drinks on the beach by the sea.

To be a skilled waitress you will have to learn how to handle at least four glasses, or two mugs of beer or even four plates for the customers we have in the place. The biggest fear of the waitresses is not to lose the objects they carry because the plates and glasses are made of glass and most of the time they break. If you manage to serve your customers properly, and they do not have to wait very long after the order, you will be rewarded with a tip or even thanks from customers.

Depending on the game you decide to choose, you will be able to dress waitresses, help them in the gym, make them up or other activities.