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What are Walk The Prank Games?

Walk the Prank is a new TV show on Disney Chanel and Disney XD, created by Trevor Moore and Adam Small and the director is Tom Gianas. And because is a new TV show you can see it HD on the internet or on the TV. The main characters are Cody Veith as Chance Baldwich, Bryce Gheisar as Herman Baldwin, Brandon Severs as Dusty Williams, Jillian Shea Spaeder as Bailey Schuster and Tobie Windham as Will Uncle Will Williams. This show is about these four children who takes pranks with hidden twists or surprises on people even if they are known and they are really very good at this so that we created some games which are based on what they do all day long as you can do this to people because it is really funny and they are really good at something and this are the pranks but each episode has a story in which of course the pranks are not missing. This kids practices their ability, their pranks at school on their classmates, on the teachers and in their family but of course not missing the pranks on each other. This show is about having fun and in one episode Chance was flirting with a girl and when he realized that she flakes on him, he starts to believe that Baily was doing a prank on him each episode was really funny. Another interesting episode was Adventure in Babysitting in which the four kids were helped by two Disney Chanel Original Movies stars to put pranks on some babysitters. But obviously you can also look at the TV series too because the kids are doing really funny and great pranks and you will have fun with them. And now lets talk about the games because we created them inspired by this tv show and about this kids because it seems to be really funny and interesting to take pranks on people and of course on your friends. The games are having a good graphics and on our site are going well and so far on our website you can play only two games but now we are working to make much more games including this category. What are the games about?, What I improve during this games?, well on our website called play-games.com you can play Walk the Prank Jigsaw and Walk the Prank Puzzle which games are going well and you can play it to have fun. This two games have not a category of age and you can play it if you are a child or an adult because the jigsaw and puzzle games improves your ability to think quickly and to have a good sense of observation. Chance, Herman, Dusty and Bailey are eager to play with them and we are very sure that they will like you and they will also play with you. Of course you need to read all the instructions and to make used all your resources to make the game easier and our team hopes that all fans of this TV show will like our incredible games and if it is like that you can give us a feedback or to leave a comment about how you felt during the game. Be careful at the games because they could be really heavy at first but along the way you play them you will see that they are really lightweight and you will like to play the games and never stop. Soon we will come up with several games but until then we invite you to try others. Hope you will enjoy all the games. Good luck and have fun!