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What are Witch Games?

Witches are bad girls that deals largely with time spells with magic potions, with activities that are aimed at black magic and that we all fear. Well to understand and better all the games witches team you thought to create a special category for those who love games witch and thus to prove that you are able to earn increasingly more points, to make friends with witches and every spell that you do be done in a way so as to attract all eyes. You can combine magic potions to create monsters, you can learn to fly with broom witches will fly only if they sprinkle magic dust over tail sweeping and in this way you will be able to pass over all levels of difficulty of these games children. Watch out every spell that wizards as much hype if not you will not be able to defend by yourself in front of haunted creatures especially in the great day of Halloween just passed.

What are the best Witch Games in 2020?

  1. Who Hates Me
  2. Tom and Jerry Broom Riders
  3. Magic Change
  4. Halloween Surprise Party
  5. Winx Club Alfea Rescue
  6. Magic School
  7. Zoes Witch Flappy
  8. Sams Dream Magic
  9. Nightmares the Adventures 5
  10. Evil Queen Revenge

What are the most popular Witch Games for mobile?

  1. Tom and Jerry Broom Riders
  2. Evil Queen Revenge
  3. Little Witch Beauty Machine
  4. Witch Makeover Hansel and Gretel
  5. Flappy Witch
  6. Witch to Princess
  7. Late for Halloween
  8. Crazy Potion
  9. Ghost Hunter Mania
  10. Sticky Sorcerer