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What are Woozle Goozle Games?

Our website, ever since its inception, has always been a multinational website where we bring you games from various parts of the world, since not the only US shows or English-speaking ones have online games based upon them, but shows in other countries do as well, just like we are proving to you right at this moment with the addition of Woozle Goozle Games!

Woozle Goozle is a show airing primarily in Germany, although it might have been translated and adapted in other countries as well, since it primarily is a science show, one with the purpose of educating the kids watching it, and that has always been a thing that transcends language barriers.

This show airs on Toggo, and just like the other Toggo Games we’ve had on our website, you can bet they will be plenty of fun. We will tell you more about the games soon, but first, let’s introduce you to the world you are about to explore!

Play and learn together with Woozle Goozle and his human friends!

From the subtitle, you could already tell that Woozle Goozle is not a human being, as this title character is actually a blue puppet, one that is always willing to learn various things about science, math, physics, chemistry, biology, and many other areas.

That is why, in each episode of the show, various hosts, which can be celebrities from Germany, or simple people as well, join Woozle in some kind of adventure, where they solve problems and learn more about the surrounding world we live in.

This means that if you watch their antics, you can learn a lot of things yourself as well, and you will see that you are able to learn even more when you play games with Woozle Goozle here, games about which we tell you right now!

You will do things such as explore things using dynamite, create your own rocket to fly into space, or your car to go on adventures. Answer some quizzes about various facts of the world, and choose if they are true or false!

You can also solve puzzles and problems at the same time by connecting various pipes and creating pathways and roads, which will help your logical thinking even more. It is all that simple and fun, and don’t worry, since in the description of each game you can learn what to do and how to do it!

Now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with both Woozle, our newest favorite puppet, and the awesome games he has prepared for you all, we hope that starting to play them is something that you do immediately!

Don’t stop here either, since our website grows day after day, and this is because we keep bringing you new and great games into it, so come back as often as possible so that you are not going to miss out on any of them!