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What are Xavier Riddle Games?

Xavier Riddle Games is our latest category based around a show from PBS Kids, which is fully titled Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, which we guess you already know about if you are on this page right now, but even if you arrived here by coincidence, you should still be keen on playing the content we have worked hard to bring you on this page since this is yet another category that masterfully combines education with having fun, and this time we are going to focus on history, as this is a time travel show with superhero elements where you get to go anywhere, but, most importantly, any time!

Adventure through history with our Xavier Riddle Games online!

Xavier and his sister Yadina are both Americans with Peruvian ancestry, so you can already assume that you will learn more about their culture and background, and we definitely recommend it, since people from this country have a lot of interesting backstories, and it is always a good idea to learn more about different cultures and their peoples.

Together with their friends, Brad and Berby, they work at the Secret Museum, where they get to meet and interact with all sorts of historical figures, who are there to help them, and even if they are depicted as children, they still retain their vast amount of knowledge, and pass that on not only to our characters but to the viewers of this show and the players of these games with Xavier Riddle as well!

They have a problem in the present, use the magical time travel abilities of the museum to go back in time and speak with a historical figure that is an expert and hero in that field, such as Bach, Marry Shelly, George Washington, Mark Twain, Hellen Keller, Nikola Tesla, and many more, and with what they have learned from these people they come back to their own time to solve their problems.

Through our Xavier Riddle Games for kids online, you are invited to create your own hero, inserting yourself into the adventures of these characters directly, search for the heroes as they hid from you, in a hidden objects game that is dynamic and interactive, and not only can you redecorate the museum and make it your own, but you can even create a story from start, middle, and to its end!

History, culture, science, and fun all get mixed up in this amazing category, as it should also be the case for real-life museums, and we hope to see you start your new time-travel adventures of education right now, and maybe share this page with your friends as well, since the more people it gets to, the better people we will have in our day-to-day lives!