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What are Zip Zip Games?

The shows that the categories on our website are based upon coming from all over the world, as we proud ourselves to be a global website where kids that speak different languages can find and play games with their favorite characters, with many of the shows coming from Europe or Asia being dubbed in English-speaking countries as well, just as it is the case with the French-produced Zip Zip.

The show started airing in 2015 and had a second season aired in 2019, and, considering the time between the first two seasons, a third one in the future would not surprise us in the least. Until then, playing Zip Zip Games online is the best next thing, and we recommend that even if you’ve not watched the show before, especially since we tell you more about it here and now!

What is Zip Zip about? Who are the show’s characters? Find out!

Zip Zi focuses on four animals that have lived all their lives in the forest, and, honestly, they are tired of it. They want to experience the suburban city life, and they have a plan for it, which will only cause funny situations for you to watch.

The animals we focus on are Washington, a fox, Sam, the boar, his sister Eugenie, and the blackbird called Suzie, have decided that the best way to live in the city and not be caught by the animal control services is to use costumes to disguise themselves as domestic animals.

That is why the show is called Zip Zip since it is a reference to the zippers of their suits that they wear all the time as disguises. One becomes a dog, one is a cat, a rabbit, as well as a canary, and they played their role so well that a family even adopted them!

The Livingstones is the family now hosting these four undercover forest animals, and while the human adults and kids are not that suspicious, just happy to have new animal friends, their house cat called Victoria knows the truth, and wants it to come out!

Many of the episodes focus on the funny antics of the animals, with Victoria trying to find plans that will help uncover the real identities of her new pet roommates, although her plans are usually foiled in comedic ways!

Learn more about our Zip Zip Games online for kids:

The show is a relatively small one, and so is the category of games based on it, but we’re positive you will enjoy the puzzle and memory games of the series, which help you improve your logic and are fun brain teasers, or you can play awesome skill games where you help feed the animals by grabbing muffins.

Of course, you can rest assured that when new games with Zip Zip appear on the internet, our team will be the first ones to share them with you, so if you are big fans of the series, returning here often is what you should be doing!