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What are Adventures in Time?

Welcome to our website,, a website full of games like ability games, action games, adventure games, girl games and much more categories like this. In the adventure games category we added a new chapter of mystery and adventure games category entitled Adventures in Time and we hope you will like the games and you will enjoy playing them. This games that we add all day in the new categories are for you. Most of them are games in which you can learn a lot of things like: creating clothes, mixing the colors and your abilities to move faster and to think to another horizons will increase. Now we will talk a little bit about this new category and we hope you will like it and after we will present you the categories story, the instructions and after we will put up on the website some games, you will be able to play them. The story of this category is begins when Pendleton Ward created best American animated television series called Adventure in time, this animated cartoon was made for Cartoon Network, one of the best cartoon television changes, of course after Disney Chanel. This cartoon and the series in this cartoon follows the adventures of a awesome boy called Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake, a special dog with the magical power to change shape and sizes. This is the most interesting thing of this television cartoon and of the games, the magical things like Jake- the magical and awesome dog. The thing that attract people and children to look at this cartoon is the supranatural, because in the real life does not exist a dog like that. Finn and Jake lives in the land of Ooo, the post-apocalyptic land, where they meet a lot of people, a lot of main characters like Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen and BMO. This cartoon with the best characters ever was premiere in April 5, 2010 and until now, the series continue and day by day are loved most by the children. This series and the games that we will add on our website draws inspirations from more variety of sources and one of them is the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons but we will not forget the video games. The cartoons was produced by Pendleton Ward using hand-draw animation and the episodes were created trough the process of storyboarding. They concurrently are working to the episodes and the eighth season premiere will be on January 23, 2017. Since the Cartoon Network debuted with Adventure Time, the ratings for this channel has increased with over than 3 million viewers. In February 2015, the Cartoon Network Studio developed a new movie about Adventure Time and this movie has reported as a thearthical movie. The Adventure Time has won awards including six Primetime Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, two Annie Awards, a Pixel Award and a Kerrsng Award. This series, Adventure Time also inspired and inspires now a days new various clothes with the characters, video games, comic books with them and more stuffs like this. On our website,, begin by now you will can play this games and you will be able to play them, of course, on the internet. The Adventure Time category of games is the newest category in this year and we hope you will play the games and you will play with Finn and Jake for ever. This type of games will never make you to be bored because in this games you will be like in other world, in other space that of course, you will like because the adventures is the main thing that children like you love. And now we will talk about the games and about what games we will put up for you to play and enjoy time. First of all, the games in this category will be: puzzle games, strategy games, jigsaw games, memory games, action games, leveled games and games like those. The games, in the most time will be played with the mouse or with some buttons like arrow keys from the keyboard and other more buttons from the keyboard too. We hope you will like or games because they are added with love for you. The games in this category are not difficult, but maybe in the beginning, but after you played them once or twice you will see that the games are quite easy and you will play them all day long. This games will hep you to increase you abilities and you will learn a lot of good things from them. We hope you will know how to play this games and if you do not know we invite you to learn again the instruction and to be more careful. Every game will have an instruction and a description that we will give you and you will have to read and to follow them. We forgot saying that the most awesome games in this category are the coloring games and also the painting games in which you will have to mix the colors to paint the characters and another things that you will have to paint. The characters, Jack, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen are waiting for you to meet them and their new world and to travel to land of Ooo. What are you waiting for now? Go now and play them. Good luck!