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What are Paw Patrol Games?

Whenever someone needs help, the Paw Patrol is right there to offer it, and it is their innate desire to help, their kindness, and their courage and various skills that have made them so popular among children all over the world, as Nick Jr’s Paw Patrol is without a doubt one of the biggest shows on the network, and a wide franchise spawning everything from movies, video games, online games like the ones you can play here for free, toys, and much more, as there is never a moment of dullness in their world!
Not only has the show been running for eight seasons, as it started in 2013, but very soon we will also get a theatrical movie based on the franchise, called Paw Patrol: The Movie, which is set to be released in 2021. Now, if you came to this page of Paw Patrol Games online, you probably already know all this, as you are a big fan of the franchise, but if not really, allow us to tell you more about the cast and characters, their story, and what you can do together with them!

Meet the Paw Patrol dogs from our free online games!

The main character of the show and the one that ties all of the puppies together is a young boy by the name of Ryder, who leads the search and rescue crew of dogs called the Paw Patrol, which mainly does missions around the place called Adventure Bay, although there have been many times where they visited various other places all over the world, in order to help people or animals there.

The pups live in doghouses that can transform into pupmobiles, specialized vehicles that they use in their missions, and on their backs, they usually have pup backs, which are backpacks that house various tools they might require. Ryder gets a mission to do from someone who needs help, he briefs the pups on what it is, and then they spring into action, always saving the day!
Each of the puppies has its own unique set of skills and an area they specialize in, but they usually have to work together, as combining their skills is the best way to finish a job quickly and successfully!

Chase is the police dog of the group, who also sometimes acts as a spy, whose sense of smell and great sight are his biggest attributes. Marshall might be clumsy at times, but when he has to step into his fireman's shoes, he does it, and he also acts as the paramedic of the bunch.
The group is not solely made out of boys, of course, as we’ve also got Skye, who uses gliders to fly into the sky, and pilots all the airplanes and helicopters that the team use, or Everest, a puppy who helps the team in their missions in snowy mountains or places covered in ice.

Next up we have to tell you about Rocky, who is the head of recycling operations as well as the handyman who can repair anything that needs fixing, and when something needs to be built, the head of construction is always Rubble, a bulldog building expert!


When playing free Paw Patrol Games online for kids on, not only do children get to know their favorite characters better, but they have way more fun with them by the means of direct interaction since they don’t just watch them on the screen, and in addition to learning about shapes, colors, how to solve puzzles or problems, learn the alphabet or how to do maths, they will also learn important and valuable lessons about how to help those in need, how to be kind to one another, the importance of empathy, taking care of the world around us, and to be good children, and later on in life, adults!