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What are Top Wing Games?

Play Top Wing Games online free of charge on our website if you want to take to the skies, as this is a series with birds and airplanes, so if flying is one of your passions, you can enjoy it now on our website with these new Nick Jr Games!

Welcome to Big Swirl Island, where we see the daily lives of birds and animals, but we focus mostly on the four young bird cadets from the Top Wing Academy:

These young birds are trained by the ace instructor known as Speedy, who teaches them to be fast but also safe, and in their adventures, they are oftentimes joined by two baby chicks known as Chirp and Cheep, who can only say their names.

Now that you've made friends with them, play our Top Wings Games to join them in rescue missions, or, even better, before that, hone your skills with each of their vehicles with the Virtual Training Mission!

Familiarize yourselves more with these characters by watching them here as well:

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