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What are Tom and Jerry Games?

Animal stories are very popular, and the Tom and Jerry cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network is one of the best and known all around the world, in which the main characters are going a cat and a mouse, and you will see that in each cartoon episode on Cartoon Network, you will see that the cat is chasing the mouse, and you will manage to help each of them win points through our games.

You can see that there's going to be a very funny and interesting cartoon, based in America during the cold war, and the two animal characters are going to have interesting tellings through their episodes and Cartoon Network games that we are going to start publishing inside the Tom and Jerry games category that we are just publishing today here on our website.

Tom and Jerry games through the series

This story is very popular throughout the entire world, and it was displayed on Cartoon Network, where kids that are wanting to watch funny episodes and see how many interesting stories and exposed are inside the series, and you will learn that it's an American animated series, and it's based on a real-life story because everybody knows that cats are chasing mice, and you will see that Tom is going to be the cat, and Jerry is going to be the mouse through the series.

Most of the action of the series is happening inside a house, where the cat - Tom and the mouse - Jerry live together, even though Tom is trying to catch Jerry as his owner wants too since episode 1 because mice are not welcomed in the household of most houses in the world, but Jerry turns out to be a very good adversary for Tom the cat because he is smart, sneaky and in some episodes he is going to be very lucky and he goes free from Tom's attacks.

It's a real battle between the two animal characters to show which one of them is going to be the smartest, and for that, you will see that in each episode, there's a new battle from the war between the cat and the mouse. Like in any other battle, there's going to be collateral damage, and that's going to be mostly the house being destroyed during the chase of Jerry by Tom, and you will see that there's going to be explosions, traps, and even water through the entire house making it a big water tank in order for Tom to have a better chance to catch his nemesis.

Jerry is going to be a tough nut to crack, because dear kids you will see that he is going to be one step in front of the cat that is chasing him and has all kinds of plans to trap him, and for him to escape each and every time, you will see that things are going to be broken, like china, walls, and furniture through the entire house. Even though Tom and Jerry are enemies through the series, there are plenty of episodes in which they are playing together and they are real friends.

Find your favorite

Now that you know what the series is all about, you can start going inside the story even more, and start to learn all of the characters and little details that you can find only inside the episodes and our games that we have just started publishing from Cartoon Network and Boomerang.  This cartoon is known for being violent because it was made through the Cold War and even the Pearl Harbor attacks, and the publishers wanted to get kids used to what was happening on the streets of their cities.

You will often see that Tom is using a lot of weapons in the adventures and all the attacks that he is trying to do on Jerry, and these shooting weapons like rifles, snipers, bazookas or pistols to bow and arrows, fireworks, firecrackers, and even hand weapons like hammers, axes, traps and even poison that will be used just to stop the little mouse to keep on coming back inside the house. Jerry lives in the walls of the house, and you can see that the walls will almost always be filled with grenades and fireworks so that he can come out of the walls and Tom to trap him.

As we already said, most of the action of the cartoon is going to be inside the house, but there are special episodes in which you can see that they are often leaving the house not only in the backyard, where you are going to meet with new characters like dogs, other cats, and birds. Tom and Jerry have episodes while they go hunting in the woods, while they go fishing on a boat or even on vacation on cruises and in RVs, which will bring new adventures in the two Cartoon Network animal characters are going to have new missions and new funny challenges in which they fight and maybe even become better friends because if they are apart, they are sad and cannot wait to meet again.

One of the characteristics of the cartoon is that even though Tom and Jerry are very expressive through their facial expressions and the sound effects, they almost never speak, which will make them be a little mysterious, and all kids wonder which is their voices, and that can be heard only in 2 or 3 episodes through the Cartoon Network series.

Meet the Tom and Jerry squad

Normally, the main characters are the cat and the mouse that give the name of the cartoon, but besides these two rascals, you will see that they will have friends, and even other animals in their home, which will make the adventures be even funnier, because there is a big dog that tries to keep safe Jerry every time that they are in the yard where he has his little dog house, and you will see that it's going to be even a little puppy after a few seasons of the show.

Tom is the grey shorthair cat that has a white face and belly, which is not the ordinary cat that lives in a house and takes care that it's going to be keeping the house clean of pests, but he is very comfortable, and that's why he has a very hard time to capture the mouse named Jerry. In this new challenge, you will have the chance to help Tom be faster, be even more careful while you are hunting Jerry through the adventures.

Jerry is going to be the second main character of the story, andy ou can see that he is a little brown mouse that lives in the walls of the house, and he is constantly being hunted by the house cat, that even though is very comfortable and lazy, hi's owner threatened him that he will be a stray cat if he doesn't catch Jerry and if she sees him just laying around and sleeping all day and not working hard and trying everything possible to catch the rodent that runs through the house, making wholes in the walls, stealing food from the fridge. Jerry is very smart, and always manages to fool Tom even though he has smart plans to catch the mouse, and Jerry even made an ally in the show, by the name of Spike, the big pitbull dog that lives in the backyard with his son, and doesn't like when Tom bullies Jerry, even though he is doing the same thing to Tom.

Spike and Tyke are two other animal characters from this story that are appearing almost consistently in the episodes of the Cartoon Network series. Spike is a big grey bulldog that is overprotective of his son called Tyke. Spike is always keeping Tyke safe over the adventures, and today, we are going to tell you that Tom is always getting on the wrong side of Spike, and he is chased and beaten by the bulldog.

Nibbles is Jerry's nephew, and he is a little grey mouse that is very tiny because he is just a baby. Nibbles is appearing in the series a few times when the little nephew is visiting Jerry at Tom's house, and they are going to work together in order to be safe and return Nibbles to his mom in one peace, safe and sound.

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