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What are Cooking Games?

Play the best Cooking Games online for free to learn the secrets of cooking in the most realistic games like Papa Louie, Sue Cooking, and more!

Papa Louie and the online cooking games

As you probably know, an essential role in cooking games was played by the famous chef Papa Louie and the series of online games with Papa, in which you as a player had to learn to manage an ice cream shop, a sushi restaurant, or even a pizzeria.

Cooking games with Papa are top-rated and well-received by the players because they realistically present the process of preparing different recipes. In addition to this culinary aspect, players can learn how to manage a restaurant and become a top-ten manager.

The animated characters know how to cook!

As you probably noticed, many characters you know from Nick, Cartoon, or Disney cartoons learn how to cook! Among the most popular cooking games with famous characters is the game Dora Cooking in la Cucina, in which Dora has to cook the best Mexican dishes for her family; another famous game is Blue Clue and You World Cooking, in which the famous Blue Puppy has to prepare 10 different recipes from every corner of the world.

Cooking games and children's education

Many children, girls or boys, started cooking after trying the free games on, which is why we suggest you try the cooking simulators to see if you have the patience to clean the vegetables, go shopping after food, heat the oven and finally fry the meat, after which you will be able to try these activities in reality with your parents.