Pack the House Frenzy Kitchen

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Pack the House Frenzy Kitchen
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What is Pack the House Frenzy Kitchen?

Pack the House Frenzy Kitchen
Mickey Mouse’s House is filled with his favorite friends and all sorts of fun stuff for you all to do together, such as you will be doing right now in the fourth game of the series, which is called Frenzy Kitchen, which has the lovable Goofy at the forefront, who is the chef today, the cook who has to make food for all the customers coming in and asking for their favorite dishes.

The clients that you have are characters from other Disney stories, such as Hercules, Winnie the Pooh, or animals from The Lion King. They come and have different orders, according to their tastes, and in the carrousel on the top right, you see their orders. Make sure to remember them, since memory is a very important aspect of this game.

You have trays with all of the ingredients require, as well as an oven, and they flash in the order that they need to be used, so make sure to memorize it and then click on the items in the same sequence. This way you fill-up the plate with what it needs for the dish to be made. Don’t make mistakes, or you need to start again from scratch in making the plates.

When the trays run out of ingredients, click on the fridge to get more of them and fill them back up, and know that in each level you have a timer, and that means that you have a certain number of meals you and Goofy must cook before the time runs out, or else you don’t complete the level and move on to the next one.

We’ve got no doubt that you and Goofy will become Disney’s best chefs out there, so start memorizing and cooking right now!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE

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