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What are Among Us Games?

Among Us Games has gone on to become one of the most popular apps in the world. It’s a light game that doesn’t require you to own the most powerful gaming PC and it can run anywhere from a phone to a laptop to a Mac computer! Especially in 2020, during the height of the pandemic; Among Us was the most popular game in the world. Now though, the game has been shifting and evolving into something more elaborate. The developers have been adding content to the game left and right, with more updates to the outfits, seasonal changes, and a ton of hidden Easter-eggs.

Of course, whenever you add Easter eggs into a game, you’ll have a ton of people being curious about the actual story of the game. That was exactly the case with Among Us ever since the newer maps were released. People have been highly intrigued by what the story behind the little space crew is, and why they’re up in space in the first place. Of course, Among Us is a strictly multiplayer game so it doesn’t really have a story but a lot of people have connected the dots from the tasks, Easter eggs, Maps, and the gameplay in the actual game. So, without further ado; let’s take a look at what the Among Us story possibly is!


Before we can begin talking about the actual story of the game we need to talk a bit about the heroes; the crewmates. Legend says (and by that I mean Reddit…) that they are quite literally 3’2 tall, and they weigh 92 pounds each according to the task called Submit Scan. They work for the organization known as MIRA, this is found through the name MIRA HQ for one of the in-game maps. We know why they’re in space as well! They are up there to research alien geology and biology; which means that they’re studying alien species and their living conditions, environments, and planets. We know this through the Upload Data and Process Data tasks which include files within them named;

  • specimen_data.tiff
  • minerals_data.dat
  • mining_finances.png

There’s also a bunch of other tasks in the game where you can find gems, artifacts, minerals, animal fossils, plants and even bones! Now the final thing that we know from the actual website of Among Us is that they wish to escape from the impostors and return back to civilization.

The IMPOSTORS from Among Us Games

The Impostors who grant Among Us online its highly popular moniker and core game mechanics are a mysterious bunch by design. You won’t know much about them, aside from the fact that they are only there to kill the crewmates. We know that they are shape-shifting monsters from many of the killing animations, as well as the fact that they have some sort of ability that lets them crawl through vents. Now the vent thing might just be that they are as small as the crewmates, but the crewmates simply have no need to crawl through vents. We know that the impostors are absolutely brutal too, they have a secret mouth within their abdomen which opens up and a spike-like tongue then impales the crewmates.
The most obvious origin for the impostors is that upon reaching Polus, the crew mates’ research went horribly wrong. There they ran into either a parasitic infection that caused a crew mate to become rabid or an alien life form that takes the shape of the crew mates in order to eliminate them. In either case, the impostors are highly intelligent as they can not only pretend to do tasks but also sabotage things such as the lights and the arc reactor. A theory even suggests that the impostors aren’t really aliens or parasitic infections, but rather that it’s just a paranoid crewmate who has gone mad. Though this theory doesn’t explain why there can be 2 or maybe even 3 impostors, nor about the weird alien fatalities they inflict on crew mates.


The story’s main conflict with the impostors started on Polus, this is where the crew mates aka the researchers first encountered the impostors on Polus, where they suffered many casualties. However, they survived upon reaching the Skeld, which is a spaceship that they used for their galactic travels. They were surprised to see that the impostors had followed them onto the Skeld as well! This resulted in even more casualties. The researchers worked for an organization called MIRA, and if we head into the weapons room in MIRA HQ, we realize that the HQ was already aware of the impostor threat and was ready for an incoming attack. Though, the MIRA HQ research crew was no match for the impostors, as the parasitic creature took hold of one of the crew mates and managed to manipulate their way into the base.


Among Us’ story is very hidden, under the wraps kind of thing where they don’t really say much about it. That’s kind of why it’s so beloved too, because if you state the story then no one is going to try and learn more about it. The mystery that developers Innersloth has created around their game is masterful, and makes for each match of Among Us free even more bizarrely fun!

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