Among Cars

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What is Among Cars?

Among Cars

Fighting games with cars have always been quite a unique experience since when it comes to competition between cars, it is usually about who is fastest, but today you get to experience something new and different, in the form of a game where cars do battle with one another, and, even better, they are driven from Among Us characters, crewmates and impostors alike!

Join the Amongus car battle right here and now!

The game is a multiplayer one, so choose your name in the game's main menu, and you should also use the coins you earn from various fights you won in order to buy new weapons and upgrades for the car, making it stronger before each new fight.

Use the arrow keys to move and attack your car, having to land more hits on your opponent than they do on you because if you deplete their health bar first, you win the match.

Use your bonus to get better, then get to the next level and win the next fight, and so on, as you should try climbing the leaderboards and becoming a top player of Among Cars online for free!

How to play?

Use the arrows, mouse.

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