Pokemon Kaizo Emerald

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What is Pokemon Kaizo Emerald?

Pokemon Kaizo Emerald

Pokemon Kaizo Emerald is another ROM HACK from the Pokemon Games online series of our website we fully recommend to each and every one of our visitors, as we know from first-hand experience how awesome they can be, just like we promise this one to be also, and we will explain it right away, for newcomers to this series to be able to give their best!

Play Pokemon Kaizo Emerald online unblocked and free!

Go around the map with the character you've chosen to be, a boy or girl, and give them a name, and use your starter Pokemon to defeat wild Pokemon and collect them to your army, putting them in Pokeballs, and then using them to defeat other trainers, as you grow and get bigger to evolve them and make them more powerful.

Your goal is to defeat other Pokemon trainers, as you also level up, and maybe defeat all the Gym Trainers from the Kaizo Emerald area, so you become its champion, and get them all! Start now, only here, and invite your friends to play more Pokemon Games on our website, retro or modern, as they are all kick-ass fun!

How to play?

Use the keyboard

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