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With a website that has thousands upon thousands of games, all of them added with care and more awesome and fun than the other, you might be confused about where to start playing games, especially if you are new to the website, so going to the page that features and gathers the Most Played Games of the website is probably the best place to be!

There are many ways that you can group the games on our website, with oneof the ways we do it being through their categories, so you will find all games with football in one place, all games featuring characters from a Disney show on their specific page, and so forth, with you being able to sort the games on that page by best.

Maybe you don’t want to go to a specific category, but, instead, you are curious to see what other kids and maybe even adults visiting Play-Games online are playing the most, and this page is here for you, because the games with the most hits and clicks are found here, and are arranged in descending order, so the first game you see will have been played the most time.

This is a great way to not miss out on any fun, and immediately find something to enjoy, so let’s tell you about some of the most popular games on our website right now, so you can begin enjoying them right now!

What are the games most played on this website?

Well, to no one’s surprise, the most popular game at the moment of this writing is Friday Night Funkin, the version that has even Week 7 included in it, and where you will find all the other updates that are still to come.

This is currently the most popular rhythm game in the entire world, and our team has created a fantastic category of FNF Games online, so many of the games on that page, because we bring them first, are also among the most-played ones!

Because so many girls, and even boys, want to know if their crush loves them back, there are a few Love Test Games in the top 10 of our website, so if you are curious to, enter the names in the brackets, and find out if you’re a match!

When it comes to multiplayer io games online, Online, a game with zombies has taken the lead among all others in its genre, and we also offer you the highly-popular series called Age of War Games, with its first installment being one of our biggest hits so far.

Your favorite shows and movies are also represented in the top most popular games on our website, with the ones that have distanced themselves being the likes of Death Note, Garfield, Boboiboy, or you can check out original games such as Minecraft, GTA, or Five Nights at Freddy’s.

You can never go wrong with playing the most sought-after games of our website, all hits in their own way, so start the fun right now, as you can have it only on our website!