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Papa's Pancakeria Overview


Papas Pancakeria is one of the more recent games in the Papa Louie series. Since it is a newer game in the series, you get to choose between two characters: Cooper or Prudence. Once you start the game, you choose one of the three empty slots before choosing your character. Enter the name that you want to see on the high scores list and start the game. Like other Papa Louie arcade games online for free, there is a backstory for Papas Pancakeria. 

The story of Papas Pancakeria starts with your character driving a car with your cat. The cat spots one of the original Papas Pizzeria locations and gets hungry. Your character stops to get a pizza, but the cat goes after a squirrel as you are inside. Upset, your character puts up flyers for a lost cat, and guess who finds it? Papa Louie himself! Of course, to get your cat back, Papa Louie wants you to run his pancake ship while he is away. 

Now, you are ready to start your new job in Papas Pancakeria.

Papas Pancakeria Gameplay

You will notice that your cat stands on the counter of Papas Pancakeria. It’s nice to look at while you get acclimated to the different stations in Papas Pancakeria. 

●    The Order Station is where you look when placing a customer’s orders. Until you upgrade your shop, you must keep looking out to ensure a timely waiting time. 
●    The Grill Station is where you cook pancakes. There are eight cooking spots. You will need all of these when you get into later levels. In the grill station, there will be a flip meter to show how much a pancake has been cooked on each side. Flip when the meter is orange, and the green meter shows when the pancake is ready. 
●    The Build Station is where you place the toppings on the pancakes. You will also use this station to pour sauce. This is the last station before you present the results to the customer. 

After your first customer, you are given an easy customer to test your skills and prepare you for the second day. However, before you start your second day, there are some tips you should follow. 

Papas Pancakeria Tips

Following these Papas Pancakeria Tips will have you start strong in the early game to rack up tips:

●    Do not throw the pancakes onto the plate. You will learn early on how important stacking the pancakes are when you are in the build station. A lot of fresh players just throw the pancake onto the plate not realizing that it is a big part of the points you earn. You do not want to be too fast, but you do not want to be too slow because you still must be mindful of your waiting time. Make a habit of stacking a pancake perfectly on top of the other one to maximize your points. 
●    When you place real-life toppings on pancakes, do you just haplessly throw them on? No, you try to space them out evenly, so each slice of pancake is teeming with flavor. Keep that same mindset when placing toppings in Papas Pancakeria. Try to keep the toppings perfectly evened out. This might seem difficult at first, but a good tip is to picture cutting into the pancake. Do you have at least one topping per slice? 
●    When you win golden tickets during each day, use them to play Jojo’s Burger Slots to win some aesthetic prizes.
●    Upgrade early. The items in the shop that you pay for with tips all have a use. The doorbell alerts customers when they enter, grill alarms will tell you when to flip or remove pancakes, drunk auto poor automatically pours drinks so you can focus elsewhere, and aesthetic hats help improve your waiting score. Posters not only help the waiting score, but they also boost specific ingredients, such as coffee, ingredients, or mixes. The Furniture Shop gives you posters that help with waiting scores, certain posters boost specific ingredients, and fruits, such as coffee, decaf, or mixes. 

Good luck in Papas Pancakeria!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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