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What are Papa Louie Games?

The most amazing original Papa Louie Games online can now be found and played on our website free of charge, something we are very excited to be able to announce because all the favorite editions of this classic cooking and serving game can now be found in one page, easily-accessible for you all, with this series, has started with the game called Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!, having been developed by Flipline Studios, with this series becoming their flagship one, the character their mascot, although they have been known to produce other classic video games along the years, such as:

How to play Papa Louie Games unblocked:

While the first game in the series had been a platform-adventure game that involved walking, running, attacking, or gliding, all to save his customers that have been kidnapped by pizzas that turned into monsters, further along, the series developed into more of a cooking and serving game, where you worked at many franchises owned by Papa, where you made the dishes asked by your customers, having to create them in a fast time, and each day earn as much money as possible from tips.

Some iconic games in the franchise include:

Whether you are having adventures and battles with food turned into monsters or you are working at the restaurant of your dreams helping clients have their best meal of the day, you're going to have tons of fun as long as you work hard, focus, and never give up. These traits have made Papa the success he is today, and you should follow his example!

We have updated all the Papa Louie games and now are working 100% with no flash :)

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