Red Beard

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What is Red Beard?

Red Beard

Red Beard is a classic action-adventure game from Miniclip that we are very happy to have the chance of sharing with you all on our website right at this moment, as we consider this game to be a timeless classic that needs to be discovered by newer audiences all the time, and we're sure that if you are here, that is the case, and you're in for a treat, believe us!

Let's go on a gold hunt with Red Beard!

In each level, you have to help this bearded adventure man achieve his goal by collecting various bubbles in the required colors, such as purple, red, or blue while making sure not to hit spikes, drown in the water, get eaten by fish, or get eliminated through any other means because if you lose all your lives, the level needs to be started again from scratch.

The golden nugget always awaits you at the end of a level, as that is your ultimate goal, as gold is more precious than the other nuggets. Your water shield only protects you for five seconds, and know that some platforms are static, some move left and right or up and down, or others fall down after you use them.

Anything can happen, especially on further levels where things get more difficult. Move the character using the right and left arrow keys, and jump with space. Good luck, the best we wish you all, and more of you we hope to see here and every day further!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys and SPACEBAR to play.



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