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Krunker Io
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Krunker Io Overview


Krunker Io is a very exciting IO Games category shooting game where you have to set up an intervention team, the kidnapping, and start the war with them. The game is very similar to Counter-Strike games where there are two teams, cops, and terrorists, and they fight to conquer a military base. In the Krunker game, you will need to buy weapons, grenades, guns, machine guns, and bulletproof vests depending on how much money you earn. Money is in dollars, which is why you will need to do your job very well so that you can earn more and more money to use in the game.

To begin with, you can stay in the panda so you do not throw yourself in the middle of the war and shoot the terrorists you see with your weapons, then depending on the experience you have in these shooter games you will have to take your mission seriously and go along with your fellow teammates to complete the game mission.

What is very impressive is the fact that the action of the game is at a high level, you do not know when a shotgun comes from behind you to shoot you, or you step on a mine that can explode, but after you manage to learn the map you will know where you have to go so you can get to the base sooner or where you can find bonus points to help you grow in the level. What made this simple game a very popular game is that, like any IO game, you will play with other people, so there are no robots to shoot you but kids all over the globe with whom you can start chatting, talk, and build a broader strategy with them.

On the left side of the game, you have 6 buttons: Profile, Shop, Social, Maps, Mods, Settings where you can customize your avatar, buy weapons and ammo, socialize with other online players, change the map in which you play and also change how the game is made.

How to play?

use the arrows and the mouse to shoot.

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