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Swordbattle.io Overview


Swordbattle.io is the game you want to play right now if you love playing multiplayer io games online with fighting, evolving, and collecting all into one, even more so if they are minimalistic. At the same time they have a really huge world to explore with other people all across the world, and it is these reasons and so many more that made us share it with you, as we will now share what you've got to do!

Win the Swordbattle.io online!

With the WASD keys, you can move around the map with your avatar, which is a ball with a sword, and with the mouse you attack using the said word. Before entering a server, you can pick your name so you can differentiate yourselves from the other players.

Go around and collect the coins to level up, which will be seen in your size as well, and you can get even more so from the treasures. Wild beasts run amok, NPCs who will attack you, so fear and avoid them if you don't want to be downgraded.

The game is open-source on Github, means that you can fork the project and do your own version of the game.

When you meet another player, attack them, and if you're bigger, or stronger, you can defeat them and take all their coins, but you even have a chance if you're smaller, as we did in the preview video when we defeated a larger player.

The minimap is on the bottom right corner, and the leaderboard above it, to see where you stand against the players you fight against in the multiplayer sword battle!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Get the coins, because they are what will help you become stronger and level up, which you need in your fights!
  • Avoid the wild animals: they are on land, sea, and air, so avoid them defeating you, as they automatically hunt you.
  • Buy new skins from the shop to change your appearance to something unique!

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