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What are Action Games?

Action Games is one of our greatest category of friv games where you will have to take your heart the teeth, the to start each of these action mission that you will fine here on Action Games category. First you have to take a look at each of these games from this category, because we have a lot of action games here, then if you have decided what games are you interested to play, we invite you to pick one game then try to do the best to win this action. All these actions are inspired from the real life that's why these action games are so real, in specially these car games, shooting action games, fighting action games that have been made in 3D format. Boys are the most excited about these games with action because girls are not so passionate about these type of actions like fighting, shooting, guns, running or everything like these. Probably you know that, but we have to say that here on your opinion is very important for our games, that's why we suggest you to comment each of action game that you have played. Another thing that we are glad to say if the ranking system for each of these action games where you can rate all these action applications with starts between 1 to 5 stars. I think that now you are ready to play Action Games, so you can enter what game of action you want, then you can play how long you want. I hope you can earn all these bonus points then you can upgrade your super hero and go to the next level more strongest and faster.