Super Hero Driving School

Super Hero Driving School

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Super Hero Driving School
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Super Hero Driving School Overview


Super Hero Driving School is a car simulator game with tons of ways for boys and men to drive cars, made even more special and incredibly fun by the fact that it features superheroes alongside the cars too! Don't you worry, as we've already finished the school year, so we can now explain to you what to do and how, so you can begin having fun immediately!

Enroll at the Super Hero Driving School and have fun!

At the top of a big structure will be you and your car with its superhero driver, and when you tap and hold, or click and hold, you accelerate down the ramp coming from it, so that you make a jump into the structures and crazy things in the course. There will be seesaws, blocks, and various other traps and obstacles.

Try jumping through them, and driving past them, so you don't die, which also happens if you fall into the water. Go on the speed boosts to become faster, and reach even higher places and bigger distances, as a big distance also means getting a great score. Use the coins you earn to train your power, boost, and bonus upgrades, while also buying new vehicles and new superheroes to drive with! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

Try pushing the left mouse button or holding the finger on the screen as hard as possible if you want to get a big speed on your ramp jump-off point, which allows you to clear levels faster, and reach bigger distances with your cars.


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