American Truck Car Driving

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What is American Truck Car Driving?

American Truck Car Driving

American Truck Car Driving is one of the best new truck simulation games online in 3D of our website, where we are absolutely positive that you are going to have a fantastic time from start to finish, just like had been the case for us, the main reason for sharing this game with you right now and here!

Try your hand at American Truck Car Driving online!

Just like a truck driver from America would do, you are given a route on which you need to go, and you will pick up cargo and drop it off at various points, with you having to make sure that you get there in time, do not lose cargo along the way, and don't crash or damage your truck too much, you will lose.

Use the arrow keys to drive. Make various upgrades to your truck, or even buy new ones as you keep earning money from this new job you are undertaking. Enjoy, and good luck!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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