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What are Naruto Games?

Train and become a professional fighter.

The main activity you have in online games with Naruto is fighting. The most played fighting game is Bleach vs Naruto, in which you must fight against Bleach (one of Naruto's biggest enemies). Due to the game's popularity, the creator also developed the 3rd part of the game.

FNF mods with Naruto

Naruto fans have created a lot of FNF games featuring the Japanese fighter. In these games, you must focus on the arrows from top to bottom to press the corresponding arrow precisely at the right time. Depending on how well you catch the arrows, you will win points in the game that can lead you to victory in the musical battle.
Among the most famous are:

Naruto and Goku

The two anime fighters are present in many online fighting games. Players who want to try an action game with Naruto vs Goku (the fighter from Dragon Ball Z) can access Comic Stars Fighting, Dragon Ball Vs Naruto CR: Vegeta.

No matter which Naruto online game you choose, try to complete your mission and become the best ninja fighter in the Hokage.

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