Naruto: Chunin Showdown

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What is Naruto: Chunin Showdown?

Naruto: Chunin Showdown

Naruto: Chunin Showdown is here to combine fighting games, which we are sure you are already quite used to in the Naruto Games category of our website, but combine them with match 3 games and Tetris games all in one, resulting in one of the most interesting and fun combinations here ever, a game we hope none of you will miss out on, fans of the anime or not!

Can you win the Naruto Chunin Showdown?

Begin by choosing your desired character, the foe you want to go up against, and a level of difficulty, which determines how fast the chakra falls, and how easy the pairings are to be made.

Use the arrows to change the route of the chakra pairs, and make it so that you create groups of at least three items of the same element, like water, earth, or fire.

When you do so, through the matching and eliminating of said objects, you gain the power to make attacks, and if you attack the computer more and deplete its health bar, you will become the winner.

Do chains to gain even more power, as well as combos, and use the special items, shaped like crosses, to your advantage as well. Good luck and the best we wish you all right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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