Naruto Ninja Destiny

Naruto Ninja Destiny

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Naruto Ninja Destiny
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Naruto Ninja Destiny Overview


If you want to play cool new Naruto Fighting Games online, the best place to do it is always going to be our website, where our team is delighted that it can now share with you a tremendous new game such as Naruto Ninja Destiny, which looks great, as easy-to-understand gameplay, and we're sure you will love fighting with your favorite ninja from this anime all the way through!

Become the best ninja by defeating all the other ones!

The first thing you have to choose is between the story mode and the battle mode, with the main difference being that in the Story Mode, while you are doing battles, which is the main aspect of the game, you will do it framed in a story, and each battle you win will take you further through the story and adventure, at the end of which we're sure your hero will win!

If you just want to take part in mindless fun one-on-one battles, then the Battle Mode is for you. As you proceed, you will learn about the keys that you have to press in order to move and attack. Your main goal is to defeat each enemy ninja and deplete their health bar first before they can do the same to you, and then you win!

Good luck, have fun like only here is possible, and make sure to try more games from this category, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z, X keys.

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