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Pokemon Quetzal

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Pokemon Quetzal
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Pokemon Quetzal Overview


Pokemon Quetzal is the latest emulated Pokemon Gameboy Game online for free, unblocked, requiring no download for you to play, with our team always making sure that we bring you new and interesting games in this genre since we've seen how much you enjoy this content all the time, and to help you we will now explain more about the game, so you can start having fun at once!

Play Pokemon Quetzal online unblocked!

The Hoenn region is yours to explore in this game inspired by Pokemon Emerald, where you and your character will pick out a starting pocket monster out of the first three available ones, and then you have to go in search of new Pokemon to beat, in the wild, and add them to your inventory by collecting them in the Pokeballs.

Try to win as many fights as possible to earn the XP of the monsters, and then use them in battles with trainers, defeating one after another, as you try to go and defeat the gym leaders of each part, each having their own monsters, strong ones, so defeating them all will bring you fame.

Take turns attacking your monster against the others, and use potions if you need to replenish your health. Buy or earn them, and go to the clinics for medical operations. Let's start your new adventure right now, and make sure to check out more games from this category to keep the fun going!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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