Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition

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What is Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition?

Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition

The Backwards Edition of Pokemon Fire Red is now available for you to try on our website free of charge, so if you loved the first one, we are sure that you will love this take on it as well, which brings in a whole new kind of adventure, and tons of fun new elements for your favorite series where you train monsters to battle each other!

Play Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition online!

Use arrows for movement, Z for A, X for B, S for R, and A for I, and go around the map, where you have to collect pokemon from out in the wild when you meet them by beating them with your starter one, which will be a fire type, and use the pokemon you gather to train their levels in fights and evolve them.

You will also fight other trainers, with the goal of advancing in rank, going forward through the story, and reaching the gyms of each region, where you will have to battle and defeat the gym masters so that you get their title, until you win all gyms and become the champion of the region.

Go and catch them all right now, and see if you like more of our Pokemon Games online for free, we've got plenty, both old and new!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, S, A keys.

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