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Dynamons 6

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Dynamons 6
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Dynamons 6 Overview


Dynamons 6 is going to be a great new RPG strategy game with monster battles online from our website! It is a fan-made game inspired by the likes of Pokemon, as you can clearly see, but this series has quite a lot of charm on itself, as a standalone, as you can see that we've got six games in the series already! Let's teach you this one, in case it is your first one that you play, so you can let the fun begin at once!

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Dynamons are monsters that look like animals but have special abilities of various elements, such as fire, electricity, water, and more, and you use them in battle against other ones, which can be in the wild, or you can fight them against other trainers who also have their own monsters.

Deplete the other monster's health bar first to win, because if it happens to yours, you lose. You battle in turns, and you pick your attack or defense move from the bottom of the screen, using items in the backpacks for upgrades such as health potions.

It's that simple, so choose your Dynamon, and then start battling all the others until you become the very best in the whole world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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