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What are Mobile Games?

Online mobile games are the most popular applications today, because children use these devices the most, and the most accessed applications using mobile phones are online games.
Online games are accessed by children of all ages, both girls and boys. From the age of 2, children begin to understand how to use a mobile phone, which is why their main occupation is to discover how they can play using the phone.

Mobile games are developed using HTML5 technology, which is why these games are compatible with both tablets and classic computers (desktop). The advantage of these games is that you will be able to play from any device you want, regardless of whether you want to play a few levels on the tablet, and then you want to continue the game on mobile. When you access a game using a mobile, you will notice that at the bottom of the game there will be some virtual buttons (touch screen) that you will have to use to play the game.

How to play mobile games?

In order to play a game on your mobile phone, you will first need to access that game on your mobile phone, then pay attention to the instructions you will receive in the game. Most of the time the games support the rotation of the screen, but not all online games can be rotated, some of these games are functional only in landscape or portrait format. Most of the time, arcade games are made to work only in portrait mode, and adventure games are made to work only in a landscape format for a better view.
A new gesture that you will have to practice when you want to interact with a game on your mobile phone, will be to slide to the left or right of the screen, an action that was not possible on desktop devices, which makes these mobile games to be much more intuitive.

Many types of mobile games are?

The games for the latest generation devices are of many kinds, and here we mention the action games, with shooting, football, with cartoon characters or even the 2 players.

Will I have to download the game to work?

No, to play a game on your mobile phone you only need to access that game, and the game will load in your browser whether you use iOS (Apple) or Android (Samsung).

What are the most used phones for online games?

Apple iPhone, Amazon KFONWI Fire 8, 10, Samsung SM, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei MAR, OPPO CPH, VIVO;

How much do children access games on mobile devices?

Between 15-20% of players access our games using a mobile device.