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Penalty Rivals
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Penalty Rivals Overview

Penalty Rivals

Penalty Rivals is going to be one of the best penalty shooting games 3D from our website you get to find and play right now, even more so as it is also a mobile-friendly game, which is always popular in soccer games, being simple and lots of fun all at the same time, as you can see right now!

Defeat all your Penalty Rivals online!

Choose a name and a team you want to represent, and then play penalty shooting matches against rival teams, doing both the shooting and the defending.

When you're shooting, swipe towards where you want to hit the ball, and when you are defending, swipe where you want to jump with the goalkeeper to reject the shot.

The team that scores more goals wins, so if you can score more, and defend more than your opposing team, you will be the guaranteed winner, and advance to the next match, with each of them getting more complicated but more fun all at the same time!

It's made to be simple and fun, this game, so feel free to begin it right now, after which you might want to check out even more games from the category, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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