Canyon Defense

Canyon Defense

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Canyon Defense
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Canyon Defense Overview


Canyon Defense is the latest tower defense game online, but this time with modern artillery, as these games, most of them, take place in ancient times where you have bows and arrows, or maybe even cannons, but this will have a more advanced series of weapons that you can use, as you're battling against invading robots and drones, something we will teach you how to defeat right now and here!

Put up the best Canyon Defense online!

In each level you choose to play, prevent the attacking forces from reaching your home base, doing so by placing defensive towers and weaponry along the canyons, as well as other defenses, which come in a total of three types:

  • Basic, such as the Missile Turret
  • Advanced like the AA Gun
  • Buildings like the Nuclear Silo

These are given to you for starters, but as you defeat waves and get more money, you can buy more advanced versions for each type of weapon, and you will need them since each new wave you are going up against is bigger and stronger than the last.

You can choose to play from three kinds of maps, all canyons, and in the easy mode you've got 30 attacks to survive, the normal mode has 40, and the hard ones have 50. We recommend going about them in this increasing order, to become a master general as you keep playing.

We wish you the best, and hope you play more similar games after this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Battle the enemies on 3 different maps!
  • Use basic and advanced towers of defense, but also buildings to protect your base.
  • Use the money you earn to get better units as your enemies get stronger too.

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