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Deep Freeze

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Deep Freeze
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Deep Freeze Overview


In Deep Freeze, Santa's workshop is attacked by Grinch and his many clones, who want to ruin Christmas. Well, Santa is not going to take it. In a new action platform game, help him defeat evil forces and save the world's most popular holiday!

Play Deep Freeze and save Christmas!

In each level, you have multiple platforms that level up to the top. All around are multiple Grinches, walking around in their trench coat. They think they're sneaky, but you know they're bad, so let's take them down.

Move and jump around the platforms with the arrow keys. When you get in front of an enemy, no matter who it is, shoot them with the freezing pistol. Press space to do so. Keep shooting until you make them into a ball of ice.

You can then push the ball by walking towards it so that it gets broken up. It will first do a few rolls around, and if with it you can hit the other enemies, you get extra points, so attempt to do it!

You're in a time crunch to save Christmas!

Eliminate all the enemies to finish a level. They leave behind chocolate, candy canes, and socks with sweets, so pick them all up to gain points. They are stolen gifts, and they belong to kids, not to Grinch.

You need to finish each level before the time for it runs out. It's usually about a minute, but that can change from one level to another. Of course, they get more difficult. You have a lot of lives, but if you lose them all, you also lose the level. Avoid bumping into the enemies directly. Good luck!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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