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What are Christmas Games?

Throughout the year, on, you will be able to find themed games with the most famous activities for children, holidays, birthdays but also with the most famous characters from any story you can think of - Santa Claus. All children like the Christmas period, because is winter and outside is snow, because it is the first day of the year when it starts to snow, the streets are full of snow, and very importantly, Santa Claus appears on December 25 every year with the most awaited gifts for good children.

On, children are extremely good, because they sit and play even with Santa Claus in a category full of adventures and challenges called Christmas games, where can you search this category? It's extremely easy, because our children's games site is ready with a lot of games with your favorite characters during Christmas, and you will see this once you type the keywords that will take you one step further. in front of everyone looking for this new category. Christmas games, Santa Claus, Santa games, Christmas princesses, Christmas dress up games, and Disney Christmas games are some of the most popular searches and you will see that you will be one click away from entering directly in the Christmas games category on where Santa Claus and your favorite characters are waiting for you in a world full of snow and Christmas decorations.

The first night of Christmas

We all know the most popular Christmas stories, in which Santa Claus, a being that few children manage to see, often manages to travel the globe in one night, and that, just to make all the children in the world. happy and fulfill all their desires. Santa Claus has a whole workshop at the North Pole, where together with his elves or magical elves, he works and builds the most popular toys for children all year round, which they want as Christmas presents. Bicycles, Barbie dolls, dolls with Disney princesses, Cartoon Network superheroes like Ben 10, Scooby-Doo, Toy Story toys, trucks, remote control cars, Nintendo games but also Minecraft or Roblox characters are on the list of gifts that Santa Claus receives every year.

You dear children will have the opportunity to enter the world of Santa Claus once you click on the category of Christmas games because our games are in a very large number and you will see that you will do everything with Santa Claus. From wrapping gifts, building toys, preparing toys, cleaning up dirt from the North Pole workshop, taking care of Santa's reindeer. But you must always have a smile on your face, sing carols, and be sure that you will be able to accumulate a lot of points with Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, helper princesses, superheroes on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or Boomerang who are and they look forward to Christmas in their magical world.

Santa is always prepared with cookies and hot milk, because at the North Pole it is very cold, and he is dressed in a Santa costume, he must stay warm so as not to catch a cold. Santa Claus manages to travel the entire globe in one night thanks to his magical reindeer, led by Rudolf, who is also the most famous reindeer in his flock due to his red nose and because he is the first reindeer in Santa's sleigh.

A very important thing in the whole Christmas story is that Santa Claus will not enter your house to deliver your Christmas presents unless all the children in the house will sleep and if they are on his list of good children. Santa Claus makes a complete list of all the children in the world all year round and puts them on the list of good children or bad children.