Crowd of Snowmen

Crowd of Snowmen

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Crowd of Snowmen
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Crowd of Snowmen Overview


Crowd of Snowmen is a 3D hypercasual game inspired by Io Games, since it has an element of collecting and growing, which has been made popular by them, but with a winter theme, Santa, snowmen, gifts, stockings, and more things that you are loving all through this season, so let's get into it, so you can begin having fun right away!

Build a Crowd of Snowmen and win Christmas!

Move Santa around the map with the arrow keys, collecting gifts, stockings, and other kinds of Christmas items, and when you fill up the progress bar, you receive a snowman to follow you, as you also level up.

Your goal is to gather a crowd of as many snowmen as possible because when you meet another Santa Claus on the map, you need to have more than them to defeat them, take their numbers, and continue growing and evolving.

The more you grow, so do your enemies, so try working hard to always be one step ahead. Now you've got it, so feel free and confident to begin now, and feel free to invite your friends to do the same!

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