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What are Hypercasual Games?

Hypercasual Games are at the top heights of their popularity, as this genre has become prevalent in the world of mobile video games, with our administrative team being happy that the best this format has to offer is now available for you to find and play for free on our website, both on computers and tablets, as well as personal computers too.

Flappy Bird is one of the games that are said to have started this genre, and while that one was quite rudimentary and in 2D, most of them now are in 3D and playable on any kind of device. You can bet that the latest and best new games in this world are going to appear on our website very soon after they first get released, as we've always been very prompt.

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A hyper-casual game refers to games where you can start playing them instantly, from the jump, they have a very simple premise, with one mechanic being at their core, and you then use that mechanic or gameplay format to advance through one level after another.

Another important aspect of these games is that you usually have the chance to get bonus points, coins, or rewards at the end of the levels, and you can earn lots of goodies in between the levels too, with rewards for watching ads, spinning wheels, or even simply by coming back to play the game day after day.

Another element that you can see in many of them is transformation, as the avatar you control can suffer changes through the actions that you take in-game, both positive or negative, as you wish to focus on the good things to do, while avoiding the bad ones, or you can acquire all sorts of new skins by unlocking them or buying them.

Most of the entries you find on this page are hypercasual runner games in 3D, where you control an avatar and you run with them through the courses, avoiding obstacles, traps, and enemies, while running into the things the character needs, be it food, money, clothes, diamonds, coins, and many more.

You can also find hypercasual matching games, usually with match 3 elements, don't forget about idle games, where you have business management training to do, or maybe full-on action games with shooting or fighting, where you do it with various stickman characters.

Time and space do not allow us to tell you about ALL the games that you will find here, but we are letting you discover them right now, and we're sure that in no time at all you will find something to your liking!