Bridge Craft

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What is Bridge Craft?

Bridge Craft

The stream of amazing new hypercasual games online in 3D the day has not stopped, because right at this moment we are happy to share with you the game known as Bridge Craft, where you have to run around and create or craft a bridge to get ahead in the game's progress timeline, and simply become the best crafter around!

Let's craft the bridge and win the game!

In each level you are racing against a red stickman, controlled by the computer, with the goal being to reach the top of the next island on the water, using wood to build a bridge up there. Use the mouse or finger to move around and get next to the blue trees to chop them up.

As you do it, you then go on the two sticks to fill up the steps, and if you reach the treasure first, you win, otherwise, your opponent will. In each new race, you have to work harder than before, but we guarantee it will also be more fun. Buy new skins and upgrades along the way, as you advance through the levels. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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