Craft Playground

Craft Playground

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Craft Playground
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Craft Playground Overview


Our first Craft Playground game online is going to be a blast, a hypercasual action game with idle elements all at the same time, and it has all the high-quality attributes you want from such a game, easy gameplay, and the chance to play it on computers and mobile devices too!

Enter our Craft Playground online for endless fun!

Noob has a chainsaw attached to its hand, and you need to use it to defeat all the enemies in a level, cutting through them and everything in your path. Move him around with the mouse or with the WASD keys, and make sure you're grabbing the key before finishing a level, otherwise, you cannot.

The key and all the enemies cut down is what will make you pass ahead, and after a few stages you get enough coins to do upgrades to your life, to your attack power, and to your coin earning, so make sure to acquire those upgrades to always stay one step ahead.

The playgrounds get more difficult, as you need to fly and get past various obstacles, and will also see an increase in the number of enemies you have to cut down, as well as making them counterattack, such as the shooting minions.

Buy new weapons, buy new skins, always upgrade, and keep the fun going until you are satisfied, after which you should make sure to check out even more of our daily games, you are not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.

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