Man or Monster

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What is Man or Monster?

Man or Monster

Man or Monster is the first game added to the Minecraft games category on our site and comes in a format specifically computer game Minecraft. Man or Monster is a game of Minecraft, where you will have to use the mouse to build, develop yourself, and kill monsters that attack different cities. How will you do this and how will you fulfill the purpose of each level?

This game is not very complicated, coming up with two options below. In the first play a man, where you have to save the city from attack dinosaurs, which can be several colors, green, purple, and others. The second mode is played as a monster that should do exactly what he knows to do best, namely a monster to destroy everything he sees in their way.

Why do this? to get points that can propel you to the top of the best players. Whether you choose the first or second game mode, you have to play hard, so an extensive and populous city is full of buildings, so you destroyed than if you're a monster or defend mission is not easy. On the sides above a bar will indicate that life has a monster or city.


The game was made by Xform and you can download it via Steam.

How to play?

Use the arrow keys and the mouse.

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