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Dynamons 7 Overview


Dynamons 7 is here, free of charge for all you monster fighting game lovers, as this is probably the best series of fan-made Pokemon Games, or at least, inspired by the series, or similar ones like Digimon, where you get to take creatures and put them into battle, evolve them, and try to become the best trainer of them in the region, with this new chapter offering a whole new part of the world for you to discover, meaning new monsters to collect and fight with!

Old-time fans of this series already know it's going to be amazing, but newcomers can also start from this new episode, especially since we're here to take you through the basics and make sure you catch them all!

Fight with new monsters in Dynamons 7 online!

Tall Pines is the new location you're visiting. Your first fight will use Una as your Dynamon, to get your basics down, and then you pick one of the three starter ones to begin your adventure:

  • Flarion (Fire)
  • Lampion (Water)
  • Fenecorn (Grass)

As you can see, these monsters have attributes from nature, which can be seen in their designs as well as in their powers, and you can use that to your advantage. For example, if you're fighting a water monster, use the fire one to deal more damage, as they are natural enemies, and vice-versa. This kind of strategy is always good!

When fighting a monster, use the buttons down below to select your attacks, and you and that monster will attack in turns. Deplete them of their health bar first to win. If the Dynamon is a wild one, you can catch it when it is weak enough, and you do that by taking Floppy Disks from your backpack, which is how you contain them.

If successful, you can add the monster to your team, and use them in battles. From the backpack, you can take potions to use when needed, like for more health. At first, your Dynamons will have only basic attacks, but the more you fight with them, the more they evolve by gaining more XP points, which means new powers get unlocked.

Use your points to increase the attack, defense, and speed of the monsters.

Of course, through your travels in this new region, there are other trainers and captains just like you, so fight the opponents as well, who will have better strategies, defeat them, and go up in rank until you become the champion of this region.

Let's begin the adventure right now, collect as many Dynamons as possible, grow them, and become the new king!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Evolve monsters after fights to gain new abilities and powers.
  • Use potions and tools to gain the upper hand in battles.
  • Gain items from defeating real trainers.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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