Adventure Games

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What are Adventure Games?

It comes without saying that the Adventure Games online category is one of the most significant pages you can find and enjoy for free on our website because adventure is an element that is found in so many online games, even if they come from other categories, so this page holds both original games explicitly added for it, or games with adventures that feature characters from different media, like animated shows, live-action shows, and movies, video games, and many others!

Action-Adventure Games

These are some of the most popular games for boys you can find on our website since fighting or shooting enemies in an arena can be tedious, making it way more fun when you are doing this while constantly advancing and being on the run. In these games, you usually have a target to reach each level, and you have to defeat all the baddies in your paths, such as ninjas, monsters, aliens, and others, using your guns, swords, magic powers, and more. You will gradually become more powerful enemies, but your hero will also become more assertive on the way!


Proprieties such as Mario, Sonic, or Fireboy and Watergirl are perfect examples of platform-adventure games, where fighting is not as big of an element as is running and jumping since you usually have to reach the end of a level or stage while making sure not to fall into pits, bump into enemies and lose your lives, or fall into any traps you might encounter, such as spikes, flames, bombs, and more.

Yes, you can encounter enemies that you can avoid or takedown. Still, one of the most important things to do in these games is collecting, as you can collect coins, diamonds, gold, orbs, and other kinds of elements representing your score, so the more of them you collect,  the better your performance in each level.