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What are Adventure Games?

It comes without saying that the Adventure Games online category is one of the biggest pages you can find and enjoy for free on our website because adventure is an element that is found in so many online games, even if they come from other categories, so this page holds both original games added specifically for it, or games with adventures that feature characters from different media, like animated shows, live-action shows, and movies, video games, and many others!
It’s only natural for kids and even adults to be really interested in playing games, because humans have always been adventurous, otherwise they would not always seek to move to new places, because it is this innate curiosity about moving forward and seeing more of the world that made us spread all over the planet. Even life is an adventure, as new things happen day after day, and for those of us who don’t get lots of exciting things happening, playing these games is the best next thing!
In the past, you could only hear, read, or, more recently, watch stories, but thanks to technology you can take part in those quests and stories directly, through online games such as the ones you play on your browser or mobile phones on our website, so let’s see what they are all about, no?

RPG Games

Of course, games where you undertake a certain role and then go through an adventure, moving from one checkpoint to another in order to complete missions and evolve are some of the most popular ones out there, role-playing games online are usually adventure ones, where you take your hero through various challenges, beat bosses, and try to evolve your character’s power and weapons in order to win all the battles you are put through. You can become knights, magicians, orcs, and all sorts of other creatures, with many of these games having fairytale elements that people love so much!

Point and Click

Unlike RPG games, where most of the time the stories are set in stone and there is only one kind of end you have to reach when you play games with a point and click elements, the story can go wherever you want to. You will get at crossroads in the stories, have to decide with which characters you speak to, and decide what action to take and route to go on, each time making the story a bit different. In some of them, you have to find clues to continue the story, such as in adventure hidden objects games, where without the required items you can’t advance the story.

Action-Adventure Games

These are some of the most popular games for boys you can find on our website since it can be boring to fight or shoot enemies in an arena, making it way more fun when you are doing this while constantly advancing and being on the run. In these games, you usually have a target to reach each level, and you have to defeat all the baddies in your paths, such as ninjas, monsters, aliens, and others, using your guns, swords, magic powers, and more. You will get enemies that are gradually more powerful, but your hero will also get stronger on the way!


Proprieties such as Mario, Sonic, or Fireboy and Watergirl are perfect examples of platform-adventure games, where fighting is not as big of an element as is running and jumping since you usually have to reach the end of a level or stage while making sure not to fall into pits, bump into enemies and lose your lives, or fall into any kind of traps you might encounter, such as spikes, flames, bombs, and more.
Yes, you can encounter different enemies that you can either avoid or takedown, but one of the most important things to do in these games is collecting, as you can collect coins, diamonds, gold, orbs, and other kinds of elements, representing your score, so the more of them you collect,  the better your performance in each level.


For these awesome games, adventure elements stay in place, since you usually have a quest you have to go through in order to save a princess, rescue people, or simply get to a new destination for your character. The catch is, obstacles and traps of different kinds stay in the hero’s path, and you have to find the solution to get rid of them, with Adam and Eve Games being a perfect example of this genre.
Adam needs to reach Eve, his beloved wife, and in his journey towards her, you have to help him open up doors, make bridges go down and use them to cross rivers or pits, make sure not to get eaten by dinosaurs, get past guards that are protecting walls or castles, and all sorts of other things blocking his path.
You will use the mouse to move things around, pull levers, use keys, and other things around you in order to bypass your obstacle, and only if you interact with the items in the right order will you clear that level, which is why many of them are called interactive games, and trust us when we say that not playing them means missing out on tons of fun that can also challenge your brain and improve your problem-solving skills!