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What are Sonic Games?

One of our key categories is without a doubt that of Sonic Games online because it is a page that has in focus the character of Sonic the Hedgehog, a video game character that has stood the test of time, and has become the core of one of the world’s most popular franchises. He’s got the iconic video games, online ones based around it and playable for free on our website, plenty of animated series, toys, merch, and, of course, two live-action movies that have taken the cinema world by storm.

The beginnings of Sonic:

Sega is one of the main video game and entertainment companies to have originated from Japan, whose main rivals are Nintendo, which is why Sonic and Mario are oftentimes seen as rivals. Other flagship Sega series include Crazy Taxi, Dragon Force, Megami Tensei, Persona, Total World, and Yakuza, just to name a few. Sega Genesis was the console on which Sonic made his debut with the Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 game.

Many sequels and spin-offs have been released over the years, and many have been ported on our website where you can easily play them directly from your browser!

Meet Sonic and his trusty friends, but also his nasty enemies:

As his name suggests, Sonic is a hedgehog, a blue one with spiky hair, but he does not come from Earth, as he is a talking alien who resembles this animal who has super speed, his main supernatural ability, and he uses it against the evil Dr. Robotnik. Doctor Eggman is his main enemy, a mad scientist who wants to utilize the power of the gems to take control of the world, so you and Sonic usually try to get to them ahead of him and save the world.

Tails is an orange fox with twin tails who is Sonic’s disciple, best friend, and almost like a brother. He can use his tails to spin them around very fast and fly like a helicopter. Amy Rose is yet another iconic character, Sonic’s main love interest, as she considers herself his girlfriend, and she is definitely one of the cutest pink hedgehogs you will ever see.

We then have Knuckles, a red echidna who is really good at fighting, because his main purpose is protecting the Master Emerald on Angel Island. He and Sonic are rivals, always competing with one another, but at the end of the day will always be friends. One of the biggest foes in the series is Metal Sonic, a robot version of the speedster created by Robotnik to be sent back in time and make him the ruler of the future.

Come play Sonic Games online for free!

The main purpose that you have in games with Sonic, no matter the platform you are trying them on is to finish stages in a platform-runner style, where together with the hedgehog you will try your best to reach the end of the courses while avoiding the traps, the pits, and the obstacles, many of them having been placed by Eggman, who oftentimes sends his robots to attack you, so make sure to defeat them with speed!

As it is expected from platform-adventure games, collecting is an important aspect of the games, and what you mainly look after are rings, as the rings are the magical source of power for Sonic’s ultra-speed, and he can also use them to teleport to new planets and universes. As for their importance to you, they accumulate into your score, so aim for a big one! The end goal is usually represented by the emeralds, which you have to grab before the forces of evil do it first!

Of course, in our long series of Sonic Games unblocked you can do various other things as well, such as fight other characters in one-on-one battles, ride motorcycles, race that way when Sonic no longer has his powers, sing and dance together, or you can even dress up the franchises’ characters and change up their iconic styles to something new and fresh.

A lot of fun is up for grabs on our page dedicated to games with Sonic the Hedgehog, which we invite you to explore right now, as we’re positive that you will immediately find plenty of reasons to have fun!

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